Focus Willingness to Take Risks and Be a Risk Taker

I’m sure you would agree risk-taking is something hard to do.

Especially when you want to go after something you think it’s right, but you’re unsure.

That’s when the voice creeps in…

What if I fail?… What if I lose all of my money?… What if I don’t like it… What if…

We’ve all been there, and sometimes we push through the risk and it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.

I can recall multiple takes when I jumped into something even taking all the calculated risks and end up failing.

It hurts, to be honest, but it’s okay because that’s not my end goal.

To get out of being hurt, you have to focus on not being hurt, right?

You’ve probably heard this many times, the willingness to take risks is like building your muscles at the gym.

It’s true, it all comes down to Repetition.

The more you’re taking chances and risks in life, the more you’ll have a stronger mindset and more likely you’ll get better and succeed.

Keep repeating things into habits. Everything will just be a norm when taking risks.

Some people actually get addicted to taking more risks.

In this post, I’ll give you an example of what I’ve been through that change my life because of the willingness to take the risk.

Yes, I’ve failed but I didn’t stop…

The Mindset of Being Prepared to Take Risk

I’m sure you’re thinking about your goals right now and you’re constantly practicing, reaching, and ready to make move…

…but not sure how to jump the hurdle.

Here’s my first big risk that changed my mindset:

Awhile back, my parents owned their own business and I used to work there full time.

I hated the job.

Each day during our slow days I would constantly practice, researching, and visualize becoming a graphic web designer/cinematographer full time.

I was even able to get few clients of my own, mostly from Craigslist and friends.

In my mid-twenties and was constantly listening to motivational rap music.

There was one song that keeps playing over and over in my head.

…Jay-Z – This Can’t Be Life

The hook was everything to me at the time.

Consciousness opened and I became aware of my environment, yeah I know you’re probably thinking, that song did that?

Well, it wasn’t the only thing that got me thinking. I started getting into laws of attraction, but I’ll get into that for another time 🙂


I had to get out of my parents business and pursue what I wanted.

However, easier said than done right?…

That decision was very hard.

I’ve been working at the shop for almost 12 years. That’s a very long time, 12 years and very comfortable.

My parents paid a decent income but surrounded by family all the time and the hours each day were dreadful.

I had to get out.

What’s worst, I had only $100 in my bank account, but I felt it was time to leave.

Thoughts in my head kept repeating… What if I don’t get more clients? What if I can’t pay my bills?

There was a lot of What ifs…

So why didn’t I save money first or get enough clients before I left?

Well, at the time I thought my side hustle of sports booking would support me (which is the worst way to rely on income)…

…and I had my dream to become a full-time graphic web designer/cinematographer.

I had a belief it was going to work out for me.

At the time, that’s what my mindset was, fully engaged in making money by creating a service and helping other people.

I kept focusing on that end result, repeatedly over and over every single day.

My affirmation every day was “The universe got my back…”.

Finally, I made the move and told my parents I was “planning” to leave.

The Willingness to Take Risks and Even Failing

It was a year later or so later, and I still had some of my clients and was still booking on the side.

It was fine, but being around that environment from where I was changed my thoughts to pursue something bigger.

Not only that, the hustle I’ve picked up were really high risks.

I kept having negative thoughts…

My clients can leave me anytime, and if they do I would be short to pay my bills.

If my players bet big and they won, I would lose my money and not be able to pay up.

My negative thoughts and high risk of my jobs happened…

…Clients begin to leave me…

And what’s worst, my players hit me hard.

I had to borrow from my dad to help pay up $10k.

For the first time in my life, I felt I failed at life.

Depressed and deep negative thoughts were clouding me every day, I talked about it in this post.


I end up going back to my parents business to get myself back to where I was.

However, through that madness, I was able to gain an incredible amount of knowledge and skills.

Crafting myself through the hard times, and become a stronger person.

I only worked at my parent’s shop for another 6 months before I decide to venture into my next big risk.

How Do You Know If You’ll Succeed or Fail

The honest truth, you don’t know, but that’s okay…

…If you do fail, there are other areas in your life you’ll probably go after.

Failing is not the end result that you want, you’ll find a way to keep pushing.

Getting out and pursuing my dream was unclear to me.

It’s definitely something I’ve never done in my life.

However, I begin to have more time and more creative thoughts to help me get more clients.

Things were actually going right, although I had to push myself to get more clients it was worth the risk.

The risk I took was calculated…

…well not all that calculated, but I was so convinced by my repetitiveness thoughts and actions that I took the risk.

Who would go and leave a stable job and never saved money to prepare right? Why would I do that?

It was my belief and my mindset.

I know it wasn’t the end result if I failed I can always go back to my parents business.

In order to take the risk, you have to change your belief and mindset.

Listen to audios, music, videos, and create your own affirmations to get you confident and ready.

Remember it’s the repetition that will build your confidence to pursue it.

Let me know you’re thoughts…

I hope my story can help push you a bit more to go and do what you have to do. Is there something that’s holding you back from the willingness to take risks? I’d like to hear your story, comment below!

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