7 Reasons Why Taking Huge Risks Now Can Be a Life Changer

Yes, I’ll have to admit sometimes when taking huge risks you’ll end up not going your way.

I’ve done so many times, even my last challenge here on this blog, which didn’t turn out right.

These phases probably won’t be the last either, but I want to continue taking these risks.

When was the last time you’ve taken a risk and actually went through with it?

For many people I know, they barely take any.

Or none at all.

It seems the excuses are always the same, maybe later or maybe next year.

I’m here to say, do it!

Take the risk, because it will change your life. Taking risks is a life changer.

Here are seven reasons why taking risk is a game changer and help you take those big risks.

Reason 1: Add to Your Experience

The more risks you take, the more experience you’ll gain.

Keep stacking up those experience points.

Stop talking and do.

Wouldn’t you rather say you’ve tried your best to make it happen because you actually tried, than just talking or thinking about it?

Remember the last time you took a big chance on something? How did that turn out? I’m sure you now have more knowledge just because of the experience.

This goes to my next reason, knowledge.

Reason 2: Gain Knowledge

I’m sure if you did took some risks, now you know.


Now you can say you’ve tried, even if it didn’t work out.

If it did, now you can actually tell someone or teach them the experience you’ve face when taking the risk.

Reason 3: Improve Your Grit

The more you take the small or big risk, the tougher you get.

Yes, sometimes it seems much more than harder than before, but in the end, you improve your grit.

Your ability to smash through mental walls are easier because you know in the end it was all worth it.

Even if you fail.

Reason 4: Analyze What to Do Next

After taking your risk, you’re now free.

Think about that, now you don’t have to stress about it because you’ve done it.

Now you’ll only need to figure what you want to do next after that.

You now have a peace of mind that you’ve gone through that jump, and you’re happy you did.

Keep taking the risk.

Reason 5: Change in Environment

You know you have to, but you’re worried what the other person will think about you.

Guess what, if you believe it in your gut this is what you have to do, it’s much greener on the other side.

Your entire environment will change because you have more grit.

You became another person because of it. You’re a BEAST.

Being a better you just because you took the risk made your environment change too.

It could be more money, more time for yourself, or even no more seeing that person that keep you held down.

The risk will change your environment and free you.

Reason 6: Proving to Yourself

Taking risks over and over, doing it again and again.

You’re now stronger mentally than before. You’ve proven to yourself you can handle it.

Who were you before, and look at who you are now?

You’ve gone through so much bullshit and now you took the risk, look at where you are now.

It’s proven, you feel more confident.

Reason 7: Increase Self-Confidence

It was never easy.

But you know deep down, even when other before you tell you it helps, you know now taking risks is a life changer.

If you did succeed through the risk you had to take, you are now more confident than before.

However, the journey is not over.

You still have to keep pushing.

But guess what? You’ve increased your experience and knowledge.

You’ve proven to the people around you that you can do it.

You’ve proven to yourself you can risk it, and in the end, you are much more confident.

Taking risks changes you.

I’ve done it many times. My life changes and I’m much more aware of it.

Taking risk is what causes changes.

I wrote this piece thinking to myself about all that I’ve been through. I hope it also helps you go through what you’re going through.

Let me know what taking risk is to you. Comment below.

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