Past, Present, and Future

2 years later and I finally published my second blog post.

Where the heck have I been?

I told myself when starting this blog, “stick with blogging once per month on my personal development.”

Yes, it was a goal and as you can see, I didn’t even went through with it. It’s been approximately 2 years since my last post, soon to be 3 actually.

With all things that were happening around my life at the time. I couldn’t really sit down to focus on writing when I have other things I wanted to do.

But with the positioning where I’m at, not nearly perfect, but I may have the opportunity now.

My first blog ever was about – settings personal goals

You can check out that blog post here.

2 Reasons why I made that blog post:

  • A case study for myself on SEO (I’ll explain later)
  • And honestly, a piece of my personality

That blog post alone, since 2013, has been getting an average of 24 organic visitors per day, even till this very day.

That’s really not a whole lot at all, but it attracted some social engagement and it even made me around $500 along the way. Even though that amount is very little throughout these two years, I didn’t even advertise anything on this site!

I know it’s not the best piece of content out there, but that was my very first blog post ever and it was something I wanted to express.

So about Goals… Yeah, I know… Where the heck have I been?

Through these past 2-3 years, a lot has changed.

First, I want to mention a deep emotional event in my life that changed me completely till this day. My Dad, Mike Le, 63 years old, passed away on May 22th, 2015. He was always there for me, I miss him alot and can’t wait to see him again. After he passed away, my perception of life changed drastically, physically but much more mentally.

Now, I’m staying even busy more than before, evolving away from the deep depressions.

Throughout these years, some goals was achieved but also many failures along the way.

I’m continuously going through the trenches to find out my true goals and through personal development to find out who I am.

I need an accountability of my progress. Most people rely on others to help, I don’t really have any friends as I did before so keeping progress on this blog is like an accountability of my progress. And, if anyone is reading and following along, than I’ll be happy to share ventures and who I am.

Maybe you can relate to me.

Trying to Fit In Your Environment And Become That “Cool Guy”

At the time of my years hustlin for money. All that there was around me was doing what I did at my family business, going out to clubs, getting drunk and getting to know people.

3 Things I learned trying to be that “Cool Guy”

  • Networking while drunk
  • Dive deep in what you’re good at
  • Act on the ideas that resonate immediately

I’ve made enough money at that shop to enjoy weekends and even weeknights at the bars and clubs, it’s my remedy to get away from everything.

The only thing that help me approached anyone or speak up was “alcohol”. Huge dosage of alcohol and getting to know people while on that mentality.

It was the answer of all things during those years. Even got to know a lot of female friends ?

I was actually a very introvert person.

I think I’m still am, but before I was really shy.

It was so bad I couldn’t really keep eye contact with anyone for more than 1 second. When I talked, people would think I’m whispering. I would get so angry when they tell me that.


Being out there drove me to get to know many people, and I end up throwing major parties at my first very owned townhouse I bought when I was 21.

Yes, I was that motivated to be that “Cool Guy”, it was the townhouse or take that money and go to Art school. I’m glad I didn’t go to school ?

Everyone knew me for those parties, especially during Halloween.

I end up networking with the right people, but I didn’t wanted to just be that “Cool Guy” that threw parties, I wanted to make money, and lots of it.

But how?

Making money became my focus.

While working at my family business, when it was slow I would practice on Graphic design. I used to draw when I was younger, but since everything is digital now, Photoshop was my tool.

I’ve got really good at it, it was the repetition everyday that made me good at it.

I created flyers for my Halloween parties and sent it all through out Myspace. At that time, there was only Myspace and at that time everyone seemed closer back then until Facebook started to take over.

I’ve posted on Craigslist for flyer design services and got some gigs. I was able to connect with other people from friends requesting me to do their club flyers.

Someone I’ve done club flyer designs for, now an old friend of mine, talked about club promoting but he needed a partner.

I told him I would do it.

Money was on my mind, I threw parties, and I created awesome flyers.

I act on it immediately.

Great Things Come to An End For Better Things

A year past and my hustlin and focus to get more money from my environment evolved.

I hustled in 4 other ventures aside from my family business and the club:

  • 9-5 Job as a Payoff specialist
  • Freelance Web and graphic designing
  • Booking sport bets
  • Slanging weed

Yes, I know that was a crazy mix but I’m being honest. That’s what I did to get money from what was around me at that time.

No, I currently don’t do any of the 6 ventures at all. Sometimes web designing, but barely.

It was great, I felt past the “Cool Guy” phase, I felt like a Boss, lol.

At the time it was my highest peak.

Throwing parties, making money, getting girls, with my top down in my Honda s2000, puffing on a cigar, and feeling like a million bucks.

However, in the end of it all, it wasn’t what I wanted.

I fell into depression.

My nights felt so long at the club, getting drunk, waking up for work early in the morning was not the best mix.

During that time, I’ve met much more people than I’ve ever did and made so much money than I’ve ever made at that time.

But I wasn’t close to being happy.

I remembered one night, I came home from promoting an awesome night at the club. Made a few thousand dollars. A girl was blowing up my phone asking to come over, but I didn’t want any of it.

My depression dropped me and I was so close to pulling the trigger that night.

I have no idea what it was, but I was not happy and I wanted change.

Moving Forward To Greater Things, Or At Least I Thought It Was

This guy vibe was the “Cool Guy”. I felt like I wanted to be just like him, my cousin.

The family that I lived with when we were kids, hot wife, lives in Miami, modern studio bedroom downtown, works at home, and doing professional movie-like Cinematography.

With my artistic background in graphic and web designing, I felt getting into Cinematography was for me. I went through a week workshop directed by him, and learned a huge amount of Cinematography skills.

I felt confident and thought to myself, “this is what I want.”

Cinematography was an great experience. I even got 2 of my own wedding gigs. Till this day, I still have my camera gear.

However, in the end, Cinematography was not right for me.

This sounded familiar… I wanted change.

3 Major transition to move me where I was, to where I am after

  • Investing $20k
  • Moving to Orlando
  • Finding passive income

I now believe, environment and location played a huge role on your everyday decisions.

Everything in Miami was inspirational, everything here is not.

It was hard to motivate myself or even revolved around people that did Cinematography. Being that introvert person, it’s not easy, and being at where I’m located, it’s hard.

Negative thoughts and action started to manifest.

I started feeling too emotional. The wedding gigs I’ve worked on wasn’t for me. I honestly felt lonely. I wasn’t even married or even had a girlfriend to be relevant in that industry.

I knew if I wanted to improve my circumstance, I had to move to where my passion was.

However, my fear of moving away from family and investing more money held me back from what I wanted to do.

The fear was so deep, I remember getting sick and depressed.

I was living off Booking money and had no security, I was afraid and scared. 

I end up moving to Orlando where my sister stayed.

My sister introduced me to people there that did Videography, but that’s not where I wanted to be.

I made a bad choice that altered my life.

A few months later, my sister moved back home and I was left there for a year. Alone.

I fell into one of my deepest depression.

It was the decision I’ve made not moving to Miami that shifted my life. At the same time I had no income and money was running away fast.

I was lost and I needed money bad

I decided to go online and Googled “How to make money online”. I came across many option, but many didn’t seem worth it, then I came across this guy name Pat Flynn who makes passive income on websites. I knew how to create websites, but didn’t know how to make money with it.

Continuously researching till 3 to 5 am in the mornings every single day, and finally I had a plan.

I wanted to create passive income by creating websites and ranking in Google using SEO.

This was not easy and it takes money to make money.

I decide to put out my last $1000 to do this.

A clear solid plan was laid out:

  • Create a certain amount of niche websites per week
  • Rank them fast
  • Get paid

I had a quota to make each week. It was moving along, and my websites where showing up on Google for my keywords. I gained traffic to my sites and started making money, SEO was working!

I remembered being so excited to actually have done this myself.

Things were changing and this is what I wanted.

It went great, but then out of nowhere, within 2 months Google came out with an algorithm update and all my sites got wiped out.

At the exact time when I got into SEO and started ranking website to make money.

Why did this have to happen to me right at this moment?

More depression kicked in and negative thoughts went in while I was attracting negative events.

I was living off Booking money and I remember getting hit hard the end of the year. My people won huge and my bank dropped down to negative $10k.

I gave up, I couldn’t be in Cinematography, I gave up on Orlando, and lost all my money. I felt as if I’ve really attracted this into my life.

I gave up my pride of a “wannabe” entrepreneur and went back doing work for the family.

My Dad let me borrow the money to pay off my debt, but I hate the fact of owing people money.

Within 6 month I was able to pay him back. He was always there to comfort and gave me the opportunity.

After investing all my money into camera gear, moving to the wrong location, trying to network with the wrong industry, getting into debt with gambling, this wasn’t what I wanted.

I needed a change, I need money bad.

I’ve learned a new skill. I wanted passive income.

My Past, Present, and Future

At the time I created my first blog post, I remember sitting down during at work in the family business reminiscing on the bad choices I’ve made and who I’ve become because of it.

A lot has changed…

My first blog post was a case study for myself to rank for a keyword “setting personal goals” and really setting personal goals for myself.

4 Major events that influenced who I am today

  • “Cool Guy” Phase
  • Passive Income
  • Personal Development
  • Setting Goals

Relationships with my friends begin to fade, though I knew many people, only a few remain in my circle.

I didn’t really care how I dressed, looked, or care who to look “Cool” for.

My confidence level was reset and I just didn’t try to get back to where I was.

The “Cool Guy” phase is over.

Moving back up home and working at my family business, I was able to gain SEO clients to help their business rank in Google while they paid me monthly.

I quit my family business after my parents decided to sell the business and retire.

I begin to learn sales and copywriting techniques to find new clients, personal development to better who I am, more online marketing strategies to find more source of income, and how to keep up with SEO. I even hired a team of 5 virtual assistance at one time, and fired many.

The first year into SEO I was able to make close to 6 figures. My life was changed.

I sold my Honda s2k and put a down payment on my dream car, the Mercedes 2013 e350. I paid off all my bills and bought myself new clothes and it felt great.

However… I always felt the need for more and passive income.

The clients was there, but what if they all left?

I invested most of what I earned from my clients and into more internet marketing strategies to free from relying on others to pay me.

Sure enough, SEO keep changing and clients begin to leave me because results takes much longer than before. Anyone that does SEO would know what I’m talking about.

The journey I went through trying to find who I was, focused on getting money, and now here.

Currently I am working on a few big projects, including an Amazon business, Kindle Publishing business, Affiliate Marketing, and still a few Digital Marketing clients.

I will definitely share my goals for these project ventures here on my personal development blog.

Pursuit of Fulfillment

After the events that happened in my life, especially after my Dad passing away, I feel that I need fulfillment.

I need and want to be at peace with my life. Seeing life being so short now with that’s happened. A question I continuously ask now, “What do I have to do and have in my life to be fulfilled before I die?”

Through the fears that lead my life down the wrong end, to the courage that brought me up to where I am, I am grateful.

There’s definitely much more I need to accomplish and this blog is where I lay down my journey.

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