Monthly Recap: September Goals 2018

This will be a monthly thing.

Recapping each month and holding myself accountable.

I have to admit…

…sometimes it gets hard pushing forward.

Everything to do to hit these goals causes me to feel unsure.

Anxiety kicks in. How would I even know if it will work out?

Now, it feels like its taking too much of my time. Seems like it happens everytime I work on something new.

Ever felt that way too?

I was able to get myself out of it though, probably won’t be the last time. Here are 5 things that helped, it wasn’t instantly, but momentum helps it to push forward.

  1. Increase clean eating
  2. 3-4 days of mixed cardio sessions
  3. Ask, why are you doing this?
  4. Meditate, keep visualizing and focus on those goals
  5. Review the list of goals, and adjust if needed

The entrepreneur journey is tough.

Do you have a routine to get out of the storm?

A Quick Rundown of 2018 Goals

  • Transform Distrakt Art
  • $1k per month Merch by Amazon (canceled)
  • 10,000 eCommerce Brand email subscribers
  • eCommerce Email Backend (hired a team)
  • Join a Mastermind (applied and waiting)
  • Invest in Dividends
  • 3x Revenue
  • $1000 Per month on Brand authority site

I’ll have to admit, there were some adjustments along the way but it’s all coming together for my 5-10 year or more goals. Which I’ll share in future posts.

Just like removing Merch by Amazon from my list, it gave me much more time to focus on other goals.

Merch by Amazon was not the work I wanted to put in.


I’ve actually even added more, which to be honest it might be affecting the above goals, but again, it’s all related to my 5-10 year goals.

  • Complete eCommerce series
  • Funnels around Personal Branding
  • eCommerce Community
  • Facebook Retargeting Ad campaigns
  • Facebook Video Sales Funnels
  • Install and setup Affiliate on eCommerce store

There are only 3 more months left.

There’s a chance I won’t complete them all, but that’s okay.

How was September Productive?

It has been a productive month, some downtime, but productive.

There are three areas where I’ve set all my focus on:

  1. eCommerce Business
  2. Personal Branding
  3. Personal Life

I’ll go in more details of each area.

Scaling the eCommerce Business

Here’s everything that was done starting on my eCommerce business:

  1. Signed up for eCommerce Fuel, but have not been accepted
  2. Created a system around our eCommerce giveaway campaign
  3. Hired a Copywriter and Graphic Designer, that didn’t work out
  4. Hired an Email marketing services to help convert our subscribers
  5. Finally, added Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook
  6. Made a Product Launch campaign with our new physical product

The 2 area I was most focus was on was:

  1. 3x Revenue
  2. Get more email subscribers

Attempt to Hiring a Bigger Team

I attempted to hire a copywriter and graphic designer to fill out the eCommerce Email Backend.

It was experienced. I even wrote out long-form SOPs for each person to go through.

It didn’t go well.

The Copywriter I hired didn’t really have experience.

I think I hired him because he was affordable.

The Graphic designer did not create the same style design like what I was looking for.

I’ll have to go back on the hiring process for these two.

However, I end up hiring a team for the entire eCommerce Email Backend.

There are expensive, but we’ll give it a few months and see how things go.

New Product Launch for eCommerce Brand

We just launched a new product under the eCommerce brand.

There’s a lot of anxiety when launching a new product.

Not only that…

You have to create some type of product launch campaign for each product.

At least I believe so…

I tried creating my own product launch using email marketing and landing pages.

It created some sales but wasn’t what I expected.

But I’m still learning.

Retargeting using Facebook Ads

To help generate move chance of revenue, I’ve added Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

This retargets anyone that viewed our products or was going to check out but did not purchase.

This still needs more work done.

It’s a long-term process and still in the process.

$1000 per month on Brand Authority site

The SEO game is a long-term, but we’re still generating a good amount per month.

I doubt it will hit $1000 before the end of the year, but I do believe it will get there and possibly much more.

We’ve hired 2 bloggers and an outreach specialist ever since I’ve listed the goal.

Building backlinks are the hardest part, but things are progressing.

In other good news relating to backlinks, we were linked from Business Insider.

Personal Branding Attempts

With personal branding goals, which is crashing alongside my eCommerce business.

It’s kind of hard to balance the two, but I’m taking my time with the personal branding.

Which I think is fine.

As long as I am producing valuable content and give as much value as I can.

I did attempt…

  1. To keep up with Instagram, but confused about the direction, it’s paused
  2. Practiced some voiceover video recording (I need a lot more practice lol)

I feel like I want to hold off on keep updates on social media or even create video content.

I was confused but I finally narrowed things down.

Here’s my approach to my personal branding strategy:

  1. Creating a series on how to create an eCommerce business
  2. Create a simple funnel to collect emails and give away more value
  3. Case Study of Distrakt Art into an eCommerce website
  4. Create a Facebook Group and have a group of like-minded people that want to have their own online business
  5. Continue providing lots of content of things I’m good at

It’s still in the process, but it directly relates to transforming Distrakt Art and another brand I want to bring in the mix.

Which I’ll share when it’s ready.

What’s Happening in My Personal Life

Aside from business, I do have personal life goals.

I haven’t dive deep and reflect on these goals, but to honest I’m not ready to share it just yet.

There is 2 BIG news on the way, but I guess I’ll discuss those in future posts.

I’m doing my best to hold myself accountable for what I’m posting here.

And even the things that are not posted here.

Mostly personal life goals.

I might fall off, I will admit.

But… I am human.

I continue to educate myself and learn from my experiences.

On a side note, here are 3 audiobooks I’ve gone through and might go through again:

  1. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck
  2. Finish: Give yourself the Gift of Done by John Acuff
  3. The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do in 12 Months

Next Month Goals

  1. Preparing for a new Product Launch for another product
  2. Complete the eCommerce Series
  3. Increase more email subscribers to the eCommerce store
  4. Optimize Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
  5. At least Facebook Video Sales funnel

I’m trying out the 12 Week Year strategy from the audiobook, but implementing some of my own strategies into it.

I think I might have put too much on my plate, but we’ll see,

I can always adjust when needed.

I’ll keep things updated at the end of each month.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t add the investment in Dividend Stocks.

To be honest, my money is tied to the eCommerce business, but I do want to start.

Creating more content here is challenging.

Mainly because there a chance nobody will consume my content, and writing does take time.

But, I’ve been doing my best and have much more on the works that I want to share.

At least as time allow, and not so much procrastinate.

Aside from that.

In my last few posts, I’ve discussed niche selection ideas, product selection ideas, and next will be about sourcing a product to sell.

This eCommerce series can help people who want to create an online business and generate somewhat passive income lifestyle.

Other than that, in my older posts, I’ve talked about was self-development, mindset, goals, etc.

I still want to continue that, but I like to discuss online businesses more.

If you’ve read this far, thanks for reading.

Do you have goals you’re trying to hit? Tell me all about it below.

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