How To Make A Decision By Using Your Gut Feelings

I have this BIG gut feeling.

The feeling feel like it’s a decision I have to do.

Doing so will bring me to where I’ve saw in my thoughts.

Ever had that gut feeling that could possibly change your direction and everything you’re doing right now?

Maybe even change, Forever?

You want to do it, you feel confident, it’s in the process

Then all of sudden, self talk of other options and opportunities gets it.

Because of that possible decision, it would:

  • Change your mentality
  • Evolve your perception
  • and physically move you out of your zone.

Even if you’re in the right direction so far, thinking about it just makes your gut confused.

Do you hold back, waste time, let it go for another day, week, or month? Maybe even choose the other option and rethink it?

Or do you go after what you feel it would be? 

Since I’ve been trying to improve and develop my circumstances lately, and I’m sure it’s not over yet. These type of thoughts and ideas comes to me.

I start to see other people going through it. If you’re going through it, here’s how I see it would be, to use your intuition and create the end result you want. Or at least the best you can make of it.

The End Result Is All That Matters

To know if you’re using your gut feeling right, start becoming aware of the outcome you want.

Your first idea of seeing that situation is most likely what will happen.

If it’s a good idea, plan it.

If it’s a bad idea, and you have no choice, plan to get out of it.

In a nutshell, if you’re going from A to Z, what does it matter what happens as long as you take the quickest route out of the situation, right?

Here’s what to do, act on all the necessary steps to make that outcome.

3 Steps That Direct To The Outcome

Ask yourself this question, “where am I at right now?”, repeat that question a few times…

Not only you’ll come up with answers, and possibly more questions, but it’ll help you pinpoint the steps to get there.

Personally, I write down my steps and answers. If it’s not writing I’m messaging on my phone notepad.

If I were you, I would write it down too.

Step 1: Seeing The End Result

I usually meditate first, then I would self-talk some affirmations and questions, write it down, then begin working.

You don’t have to do this if you’re not into meditation, but if you’re someone that’s good at visualization that’s fine too.

Imagine this, you’re stuck with a problem that you have to choose from, you feel confident about one of those choices. Usually, this would be a clue, a weird feeling that it’s the right choice or a choice that needs to be really thought out.

Step 2: Ask These Questions

Before you choose that path, there are good questions to ask yourself:

  • What would have had to happen to make you happy with that decision?
  • If I do this…, then this…, and then this,… what would happen?
  • Do I really want this to be apart of my life?

If you want to align with that end result, wouldn’t the ultimate goal is to be happy with that result? Think about it, do you see yourself with that decision in your future?

The sooner you actually see it in your mind, the faster you can decide on the decision.

Waiting too long can create fear. You’ll end up thinking negative thoughts to self-sabotage yourself.

Write down the events that could happen. Create a pros and cons list. Get fully engaged, visualize out your end result. Meditation can help with this process if you’re stuck.

Step 3: Peak Your Energy

The more you feel good, the more energy you have.

The more you stress and fear, the less energy you have.

Before making decisions, do you feel sometimes being agitated? Maybe even too stressed to think about it?

It’s probably the lack of sleep.

Have you noticed when you have a good night sleep, your choices and decision are more clear? Sleeping is something I’ve noticed a lot when I’m stuck with a situation that’s shifting my balance.

I’m thinking too much of the negative side of the decision, that I can’t think of its positive. In the end, I usually decide on a bad choice, which they don’t give me great results.

To get that peak performance and work toward your outcome, make sure you’ve slept on it. It’s simple as that.

Are You Where You Want to Be?

I really believe were influenced by our environment and or even the people who we engage with every day.

I am aware of this with my life and sometimes people around me. I even wrote some of my past events that made me become more self-aware.

Some live in comfort that’s too comfortable to change the situation, even when they know there’s much more for them.

Some face negative situations daily and want to change the situation, but continuously face negative situations and don’t know how to change it.

Or a mix of everything, being too comfortable, facing negative situations daily, and don’t know how to change it.

If you want to use your gut decision for the best outcome, you have to be aware of your current situation, see it, act on it and even shifting away from that environment.

How do you use your gut intuition to decide what you need to do? Comment below!

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