How to Become Committed, Accountable, and Reach Your Goals

You’ve fallen off a few times…

You’re getting yourself back up, but you don’t feel committed as before.

We’ve all been there multiple times, and sometimes you’ll drop that thing and move on to the next idea.

I’ve been there, but there’s a way to become committed, accountable, and crush your goals.

If you’ve been on my blog you’ll know I’m all about optimizing your true self to reach your goals and at ease if possible.

In this post, I’ll talk about how you can crush your goals by really deciding to do so.

Sound too good, to be true?

It’s true.

Here’s How to Find Purpose

What’s your purpose?

Nobody knows right?

Well, that depends…

What are you truly chasing after? If it’s something like, to create a business and make money, or just make money.

That’s not good enough.

What’s behind chasing those things?

Really think about it.

To have a purpose to what you’re doing, it will make you inspired to do what you’re doing.

But even doing what you’re doing doesn’t make sense, you just know it’s going to get to your ultimate end result.

Example, I have an online e-commerce store I run and sell products I’m not 100% proud to shout it out to the world, but I know it brings me the experience that I need to get to my next journey.

Make sense?

Setting up your big plan for your life gives you purpose.

Reminding yourself of your purpose is how you’ll continue to become committed.

Speaking Your Words Into Existence

What you speak out loud it may come true.

Don’t believe me?

Repeat this phrase out loud to yourself “I am confident”.

Now let that thought linger…

Felt that?

If you did, most likely you feel sticking your chest out, chin up and may have positive thoughts.

What you tell yourself or even others can affect the way you do what you’re doing every day.

Become aware of what you’re saying to yourself or to others.

What to know how this can relate to your goals?

Heard of being accountable for your words?

Start if you haven’t.

Really pay attention how you objectify to things, places, people, or events.

When you start affirming things you’ll plan to do, really commit to it. Repeat it every day if you have to.

If you need to, tell someone, make they hold you accountable for what you say.

Note: If you mention it to a negative/pessimistic person this might not work as well.

Find someone that you can trust, or look up to.

Do what you’re going to say you’ll do, and go out and do it.

Crushing Your Goals With This Secret Sauce

So, what’s this secret sauce?


It’s deciding to crush it.

Thought there was something more special?

It’s not all that much of secret.

In order to really crush your goals, decide right now you’re going to conquer that decision.

Decide, committed, and hold yourself accountable for doing the thing you need to do with purpose.

In the meantime, what I’d like for you to do is to leave a comment letting me know about what’s holding you back from committing to your goals.

What’s really holding you back to take the next step?

Let me know.

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