2018 Goals and Commitments to Success

It’s that time again for you to make some type of New Years Resolution.


Honestly, I never really believed in that trend of “New Years Resolutions”.

I’ve always been an action taker searching for changes…

However, for this upcoming year, I feel different.

There are seven BIG goals I want to commit in 2018 (mainly my entrepreneurship goals).

I’m sharing it here on this blog and I want to take you on my journey to get there.

Crazy, and I didn’t think I would ever do this, because of my MASSIVE anxiety, but it’s time to make it happened…

Am I really commit? Yes, I am…

Through these past years of trying to better my mindset, experiences, finances, and life overall, I think I’m ready to make 2018 one of the best year so far, 10x if possible.

Why do I say so?

First, I’m not saying things to brag about what I do or have but I want to be transparent with this blog and who I am.

I want to share my financial goals, personal goals, health goals, relationship goals, skillset goals, mindset goals, and much more.

I believe this will help hold myself accountable and if you do read this, you’re holding me accountable too.

This journey isn’t going to be all about me.

It’s about YOU too.

I want to be able to inspire or motivate others who also want to make big changes in their lives.

I’ll deliver major mindset hacks and tips that I’ve used to get me through deep darkest moment to risking thousands of dollars and even losing it all to generating over $40k per month in revenue.

Ready to join me in 2018?

Goal #1: Producing More Content

The goal is to keep producing content.

Not just content, but valueable content.

Not just random crap, I want to create content where you can get inspired, motivated, and if you’re interested in what I do, follow along.

I also want to start publishing content about what I do to make money online, some passively, and the things I’m into that help myself develop in all areas of my entrepreneur life.

If I can inspire and help just one person using this platform, that alone is huge.

For this blog, I want to create at least 2 blog post per month if not more.

After listening to Gary Vaynerchuk audiobook “Crush it!”, it got me super motivated to create a personal brand.

The journey I’ve been through with entrepreneurship, goal setting, and self-development, I feel that I have a lot to share and believe other’s that are going on the same journey can have inspiration.

Goal #2: Transform Distrakt Art

If you know me personally, I have a brand name Distrakt Art.

This was almost 10 years ago when I got into web graphic designing. I wanted to create a brand so I randomly created Distrakt Art.

What does it mean?

Well, to be honest, I really didn’t know why I named it Distrakt Art. I think I was into abstract designs and I was into art, so yea…

In 2016, I converted the business into a corporation – Distrakt Art, Inc.

However, nothing was there. There was no content or anything behind it but a corporation name.

In 2018, my goal is to convert it into an eCommerce business.

What is eCommerce?

I’ll talk about this later throughout my blog, but it’s basically creating a brand and sell products underneath that brand.

Why eCommerce?

Majority of my income now comes from my physical products, and they’re branded.

Transforming Distrakt Art into a physical product brand would be awesome.

Here’s what to expect from this transformation…

I will be sharing you exactly how I transform Distrakt Art into a real physical product brand.

I will be showing you the step by step of setting my website, branding, and the journey of getting my first product onto the website.


I want this transformation to be transparent.

If you want to create your own online store, make sure you follow me on this journey 🙂

Goal #3: $1,000 Per Month with Merch By Amazon (canceled)

(Update: Merch by Amazon was not a business model I enjoy, so I’ve canceled it.)

I love making passive income, especially when you’re able to create it from opportunities online.

Right from your own home, in your underwear.

If you don’t know what’s Merch by Amazon, you’re missing out.

What’s Merch by Amazon?

Basically, it’s creating t-shirt designs on Amazon and have it sold passively.

It’s very easy and free to sign up, however, if you do sign up, Amazon will take a long time before they approve your application.

It took me about 3 months before I got approved, but it’s worth it.

Currently, I’m generating around $50 to $100 per month just with this strategy. Not great, but I want more.

There are people making $10k+ per month with Merch by Amazon.

If I can hit $1000 per month that’s a great start.

I’m ready.

I may journey this onto the blog too if there’s an interest.

Goal #4: Generate 10,000 Leads

What the heck are leads?

For my eCommerce business, leads are emails.

The more emails you have on your list that’s interested in your products, the more you can potentially make.

10,000 emails is a whole lot!

Currently, I only have 750.

There are strategy and ways to generate leads to an eCommerce store and I’ve been training.

This method does require paid advertising and content creation.

This is something I may journey as well, but probably not too direct as it can get technical.

Not unless there’s actually traction for me to dive deep into how I create the strategy around it.

I’ll be happy to journey it too 🙂

Goal #5: The eCommerce Email Backend

Diving into creating my own sales channel for my eCommerce site is much more than I thought.

Getting leads is not enough.

Sure it’s great to have 10,000 leads, but what’s great about it when they don’t convert into customers?

That’s why I’m in the process of building out this backend.

I have a backend, but it’s not fully built and from time to time I would have to jump in a manually send a Sales Email to subscribers, which honestly, is something I prefer not to.

That’s why I’m in the process of hiring an Email copywriter.

Not only that…

I’m hiring a designer as well.

The reason why I’m all for brand and design. I’m particular with how I want my brand to look with every message, and trying to keep it consistent is important to me.

I’ll post some updates on this too while I’m at it here on my blog.

Goal #6: Join a Mastermind

If you’ve read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill you probably heard of Mastermind.

If not, here’s my quick definition…

It’s a group of people with similar goals that brainstorm, hold accountability, and achieve maximum results.

Unfortunately for me, I live in an area where my environment doesn’t have like-minded people around me.

Actually, to be honest, I’m an introvert that hasn’t really put in the effort to network with like-minded people.

Nothing wrong with that.

But, with that said, the Mastermind for me would be required a premium fee to enter sometimes up to $5,000 or more.

Why would you pay for a Mastermind?

Well, those people in that Mastermind group have achieved the results you want, they experienced and have done it.

They’re in the same business or interest that you’re in.

Joining that type of crowd only makes you better, and ultimately help you reach your goal.

You can join many if you want, as long as they’re related to you and help you overall.

For 2018, my goal is to join at least one.

I’ll definitely share this journey and which I joined.

In the end, I want to massively increase my knowledge, network with like-minded people, help reach my goals and crush it.

Goal #7: Invest in Dividends

My oldest sister is into investing stocks and real estate.

Every time there’s a conversation about stocks or real estate investment she’s endless with the conversation.

Getting into dividends stocks is something I always wanted to do but had always put behind.

I think she’s the one that motivated me to get into it.

Eventually, possibly get into a commercial real estate, but we’ll talk about that in the future 😀

We all want to invest in stock, at least majority and something we all say…

Maybe later…

In 2018, I want to start investing in dividends.

I’m not exactly sure where to start with this, but to enter this type of investment, I’m required to put down $5,000 to start.

I will be using Charles Schwab Intelligent Portfolios.

If you’re into investing in dividends, maybe you can give me tips.

Goal #8: Make $1,000+ Per Month on My Brand Authority Site

I’ve been working on this brand for 3 years now.

It’s my main source of income which is mostly physical products.

However, I also have a blog on there that provides valuable tips and information content.

Currently, there are about 250 blog posts on there but 90% of the content is all value-based and humor content. Meaning mostly informational, tips, and image post with little product promotion. The other 10% were some review content or product promotion to my own products.

Just recently I’ve hired 2 more writers to create more review based commercial content and an outreach specialist to help promote our valuable content.

Although the blog has been generating around $50-100 per month since last year, I’ve recently just scaled and now it is generating $250 average per month.

Most of the income is coming from Amazon associates program which gives you a commission for sending people to Amazon with your affiliate link and if they purchase any product from Amazon.

I’ll definitely post more content about this too in the future to keep myself in check to make $1,000+ per month.

It’s an exciting goal because it relates to what I’ve been doing in the past with SEO and content marketing.

Goal #9: 3x Revenue

In 2014 to 2015, I had an SEO business that I was helping clients generate traffic to their products or services using their website.

If you’re not familiar with SEO…

Basically, I get their websites to the first page of Google with their keywords and help to generate customers and clients.

Some of my clients consistently generating a few thousand of dollar per month, and they were paying me a few hundred to keep traffic coming.

It was great and all but…

I was working for a boss.

It felt like my “web graphic designer” days, clients were getting picky and that I always had to report to someone plus I wasn’t getting paid enough for the amount of investment I put per month.

I wanted more… a lot more.

I end up letting all of my clients go in the beginning of 2015 and by July 2015 I’ve opened up my own physical product brand.

The end of 2016 I finally hit 6-figures.

My eyes were opened wide, everything I’ve learned with digital marketing I’ve applied it to my business and it is working great.

It’s now the end of 2017 and I’ve doubled.

Despite all the overhead, of course, it’s still not enough 🙂

By the end of 2018, I want to 3x that and possibly hit 7-figures.

Crazy goal?

This is a very big goal for me, but I believe it so badly and the process to get there.

I’ve written it down multiple times and planning accordingly.

I’m opening it up here and sharing my journey to get there on this blog.

If I don’t hit it by the end of 2018, I am determined to do what I need to and make it happen.

I’m excited and I will explain much more throughout this blog, and possibly vlogs 🙂

These are my 7 big goals for 2018. I’m pumped and ready for 2018!

Are you ready? What goals do you have for 2018? Comment below! Let me know what are your goals for 2018.

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